NEFAR’s June 2015 Launch

Above is a video I made of NEFAR’s June launch using footage captured from my quadcopter combined with still photos taken by myself, Bracha Smith, and Thea Mathen.

June NEFAR Launch

A collection of the still photos that Bracha and I took of the launch is in the Photo Album.


NEFAR’s 2013 Bunnell Blast Photographs

NEFAR hosted Bunnell Blast the weekend of November 9 and 10, 2013. The two-day launch featured a range of flights from tiny MicroMaxx-powered  rockets to huge, M-powered brutes.

Lift-OffA large collection of photographs from the event can be viewed in the Bunnell Blast 2013 Photo Album.


ROCK’s August Launch

After the scrub in July, we were anxious to get back to launching rockets. We had a pretty good turnout in spite of the heat and thunderstorms in the forecast.

Carl's Atlas V New HorizonPlease visit the August ROCK Launch Photo Album at to see the rest of my photos from the launch.

ROCK’s March Launch

High winds threatened to spoil an otherwise perfect day for rocket launching.

But, we monitored the wind speed and launched during the pauses between the gusts.

Tom tested the winds by flying his Lawn Dart.  It landed not too far from the launch pads.  Then Tom flew his latest creation, No Stack.

Tom’s cardboard creation performed a few aerobatic loops after leaving the launch rod.  

Between the gusts of wind, Carl Campbell snuck a few launches of prototypes for upcoming scale kits from DFR Tech.

We were once again visited by an eagle which accompanied a flock of turkey buzzards circling over our launch site for a few minutes.

Ton Tweit launched his FlisKit’s Nell twice. The first time, the igniter leads caught on the bottom of the rocket and it barely left the launch rod.  The second time, it flew well on a B motor.

When I first saw the new little plastic Coke bottles, my first thought was … that would make a neat rocket.  Someone else had the same idea, but actually did it.

Tom T’s Pink Crayon was not the last launch of the day, but Bracha, Oscar, and I had to leave a little early, so it’s the last launch we saw.

You can view the rest of my photos of the March ROCK Launch in the Photo Album.

TTRA’s December, 2012, Launch

The fog evaporated to reveal overcast skies as we arrived at the Varn farm for TTRA’s December launch.

But, it didn’t take long for the sky to clear. Maybe it’s because we started poking it with rockets!

Astron Mike launched a number of his amazing gliders.

Gary Dahlke flew one of his large, two-stage rockets.

We saw a couple of catos including Andy’s Tomahawk on an Estes E9.

Lift-off for this Tiny Pterodactyl on an Aerotech K500 looked good.

But, things went bad soon after.

We stayed later than we had planned because there was always just one more launch we  wanted to see.

You can view many more of my photographs from the launch at

NEFAR’s Bunnell Blast 2012

Last weekend, NEFAR hosted its annual two-day Bunnell Blast launch.

Rockets from small to large took to the air on Saturday.

And even a furry rocket flew … sort of …

Saturday’s launch lasted into the early evening allowing for spectacular dusk and night launches.

Gusty wind, unfortunately, provided a challenge for flyers on Sunday.

But, some large rockets still flew including one of Gary Dahlke’s two-stagers.

My YouBee, an upscale of the Odd’l Rockets Break Away, flew on an Aerotech K480W motor.

Robb Haskins flew his Cluster Thrust on a cluster of four motors.

Now, it’s time to start preparing for Bunnell Blast 2013!

 To see more photos from the launch, please visit the NEFAR Bunnell Blast 2012 Photo Album at

Photos from ROCK’s November Launch

For the first time in a while, it was not too hot, too windy, or too cloudy on the first Saturday of November as ROCK held its monthly model rocket launch.

Chris Michielssen flew his well-crafted Estes V-2.  Unfortunately, the scale model ended up in the top of a tree, far out of reach for recovery.

A FlisKits Tres turned in a great flight on a cluster of three canted motors.

Tom’s vintage Nighthawk flew a couple of times. During the first flight, the booster tangled with the glider. But, the second flight was perfect with the rocket transitioning cleanly to the glide phase.


We had a good turnout with lots of kids participating.

Please visit the November, 2012, ROCK Launch photo album at to see the rest of my photos of the launch.