Video of ROCK’s May, 2016, Launch

May ROCK Launch

ROCK’s monthly launch on May 7, 2016, as captured by a remote-control quad-copter, is shown in the video below.



ROCK’s March Launch Video

ROCK's March, 2016, LaunchBelow is the video I created of the March, 2016, ROCK launch in Oviedo, FL.  I used a DJI Phantom 3 Professional quadcopter to record aerial footage of the launches and edited them together using Adobe Premiere.

ROCK’s First Launch of 2016

ROCK Launch - January 2016

ROCK Launch – January 2016

ROCK’s first launch of 2016 was held on January 2 at the Barr Street launch site.

Below is a short video I made of the day’s launches.


September ROCK Launch Scrubbed

ROCK LaunchBecause of excessive rain lately, we have had to scrub the September, 2015, ROCK launch in Oviedo.  While the field itself seemed to be in okay shape when we checked it, the ditches bordering the site are filled with water and the ground under and around the ditches is very muddy.  We would not be able to cross them to access the field.

We have had more rain than usual this year, causing several of our launches to be cancelled.  The field that we use at the Barr Street entrance of the Little Econ Trail is low-lying and floods easily.  We have been actively looking for a new site for years, but finding an area that we can use which is not too far from Orlando is difficult.  So, even though the Barr Street site isn’t perfect, we thank the Little Big Econ State Forest Authorities for allowing us to use the field. And, we look forward to better conditions for the upcoming October launch!


Video and Photos of ROCK’s June Launch

ROCK’s June launch featured a modest turn out,  but a full day of flying.

I flew my new DJI Phantom 3 quadcopter to record the event from the sky. The video above also contains some of the still images Bracha and I took.  You can see more of the photographs in the RocketReviews photo album at


June ROCK Launch Easter Special – Only at the April ROCK Launch

Estes EggscaliberAt the April ROCK launch, is offering a special deal on the Estes Eggscaliber model rocket kit. The Eggscaliber features a special capsule for carrying an egg.  The Eggscaliber flies on 24mm C, D. or E motors and, with the included adapter, on 18mm B and C motors.

The list price for the kit is $23.99.  At the ROCK launch on Saturday, April 4, will be offering the kits for $12 while their supply lasts.


ROCK’s December Launch Photos and Video

December, 2014, ROCK LaunchROCK held its last launch of 2014 on December 6.  The light winds and moderate temperature made for a great day to fly. The countdown reached zero and a rocket soared skyward more than eighty times during the day.

I’ve uploaded the photos Bracha and I took of the launch to a Photo Album at  Below is a video I created using some of the photos and footage captured from my quadcopter.

ROCK’s September Launch Video

SAMSUNG CSCTurnout for ROCK’s September launch was low, but everyone had a terrific time. It was hot, but the light wind kept the rockets landing in the field.

The video below was taken using a DJI Phantom 2 Vision helicopter flying above the launch site.

ROCK’S July 5, 2014, Launch

ROCK’s June 2014 Launch

More than 75 flyers attended ROCK’s June 2014 launch!

ROCK's June 2014 Launch

Here’s a video I made of the launch:

View additional photos of the launch in the June 2014 ROCK Launch Photo Album at