ROCK’s June 2012 Launch

After a couple of scrubbed launches due to dry weather, ROCK returned to fill the skies with rockets in June.

Flyers were anxious to turn in their flight cards and take their rockets to the launch pads.

One of the first rockets to fly carried a passenger – a single Love Bug.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one fly solo before. I don’t think I’ve seen one do anything solo before.

In spite of the very hot weather, we had a number of people show up to fly a variety of rockets including some cluster-powered birds.

Some odd-rocs also flew including an homage to my favorite sandwich, the Fluffernutter!

Tom Tweit, who I met at the Maker Faire, showed up and launched one of his crayon rockets.

One of the rockets landed inside our trailer.  I gave the owner a good deal when I sold it back to him.

As the skies grew a little more cloudy, Tom Tweit launched his Bull Pup.

Additional photos of the June ROCK launch are in the June 2012 ROCK Launch Photo Album at


R.O.C.K. is GO FOR LAUNCH on June, 2012

After two months of cancelled launches due to dry conditions, Orlando’s R.O.C.K. has been cleared to hold its monthly model rocket launch on Saturday, June 2, at the club’s regular launch site.

Because the risk of fire is still a higher than normal, the state forestry department has asked the club to limit the number of vehicles parked on the field.  Therefore, attendees are asked to park int he designated parking area at the entrance to the park.  Parking along Barr Street will not be permitted.

ROCK’s launch begins at about 9:30am and usually lasts until the early afternoon.  For more information about the club and directions to their launch site, please visit the club’s web site.