Photos and Video of NEFAR’s September 2015 Launch

September 2015 NEFAR LaunchIf we had checked the weather forecast for Saturday, we might not have made the trek to Bunnell for the September NEFAR launch.  The forecast called for up to an 80% chance of rain.  But, as often is the case, the rain stayed away allowing us to fly into the afternoon.

Apparently punching holes in the skies with rockets is an effective method of warding off showers.

In addition to the video above, I took some still photos which you can view in the NEFAR Photo Gallery.



September ROCK Launch Scrubbed

ROCK LaunchBecause of excessive rain lately, we have had to scrub the September, 2015, ROCK launch in Oviedo.  While the field itself seemed to be in okay shape when we checked it, the ditches bordering the site are filled with water and the ground under and around the ditches is very muddy.  We would not be able to cross them to access the field.

We have had more rain than usual this year, causing several of our launches to be cancelled.  The field that we use at the Barr Street entrance of the Little Econ Trail is low-lying and floods easily.  We have been actively looking for a new site for years, but finding an area that we can use which is not too far from Orlando is difficult.  So, even though the Barr Street site isn’t perfect, we thank the Little Big Econ State Forest Authorities for allowing us to use the field. And, we look forward to better conditions for the upcoming October launch!