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Are you looking for a place to launch model rockets in Orlando? Would you like to join others in safely and legally flying large, high-power rockets?

Rocketry enthusiasts in Central Florida are fortunate to have several clubs in the local area.

Rocketry of Orlando’s Community Kids (ROCK) <http://www.r-o-c-k.org/> – ROCK is a model rocket club which holds model rocket launches on the first Saturday of each month in Oviedo near Orlando.

Regional Orlando Applied Rocketry (ROAR) <https://www.flroar.space/> – ROAR holds low-power launches in Christmas, Florida, typically on the fourth Saturday of each month.

Northeast Florida Association of Rocketry (NEFAR) <http://www.nefar.net/> – NEFAR is currently looking for a new launch site and hopes to start holding monthly launches soon.

Tripoli Tampa Rocketry Association (TTRA) <http://www.ttra.ws/> – TTRA is a club which holds a model rocket and high-power rocket launch on the third Saturday of each month in Plant City between Orlando and Tampa.

Spaceport Rocketry Association (SRA) <http://www.spaceportrocketry.org/> – SRA is a club which holds a model rocket and high-power rocket launch on the second Saturday of each month in Palm Bay.

If you live somewhere other than Central Florida, you can find a rocketry club near you at RocketReviews.com.

4 thoughts on “Local Clubs

    • You can launch model rockets anywhere that you have permission and there is a large enough open area. Some areas have laws or restrictions governing the launching of model rockets so you need to take those into consideration. And always follow the Model Rocket Safety Code.

      We highly recommend launching your rockets with a local club. Not only has the club obtained permission to use a launch site, clubs usually provide launch equipment. They also give you the opportunity to meet with other rocketry enthusiasts and see many more rockets being launched.

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