TTRA’s December, 2012, Launch

The fog evaporated to reveal overcast skies as we arrived at the Varn farm for TTRA’s December launch.

But, it didn’t take long for the sky to clear. Maybe it’s because we started poking it with rockets!

Astron Mike launched a number of his amazing gliders.

Gary Dahlke flew one of his large, two-stage rockets.

We saw a couple of catos including Andy’s Tomahawk on an Estes E9.

Lift-off for this Tiny Pterodactyl on an Aerotech K500 looked good.

But, things went bad soon after.

We stayed later than we had planned because there was always just one more launch we  wanted to see.

You can view many more of my photographs from the launch at

Video from the December, 2012, ROCK Launch

ROCK held its December launch last Saturday. It was a little windy in the morning, but the wind died down in the afternoon. In spit of a modest turn-out, we had a lot of fun.

I put together the following video of the launch. It features high-speed (slow-motion) video of the launches.

You can view the still photos I took of the launch in the ROCK Launch Photo Album at