Video of NEFAR’s May, 2016, Launch

NEFAR Launch

Below is my video of NEFAR’s May, 2016, launch.

Video of ROCK’s May, 2016, Launch

May ROCK Launch

ROCK’s monthly launch on May 7, 2016, as captured by a remote-control quad-copter, is shown in the video below.



ROCK’s March Launch Video

ROCK's March, 2016, LaunchBelow is the video I created of the March, 2016, ROCK launch in Oviedo, FL.  I used a DJI Phantom 3 Professional quadcopter to record aerial footage of the launches and edited them together using Adobe Premiere.

NEFAR’s February 2016 Launch

NEFAR held its monthly launch on February 13. The Valentine’s Day Eve event was held under clear blue skies.  A record crowd (for February) lined the launch site.

NEFR LaunchBelow is a video of the launch recorded from an “Eye in the Sky” perspective

Still photos of the launch have been uploaded to the photo album at Additional photos and video are in the NEFAR gallery.

Bunnell Blast 2015

Bunnell Blast 2015Bunnell Blast is NEFAR‘s annual Fall two-day research launch.  Held November 14 and 15, this year’s launch attracted a large number of flyers.

On Saturday, nice weather and separate high-power and low-power ranges resulted in rockets being launched almost continuously.

Sunday’s weather wasn’t quite as nice, but it didn’t stop the fun.

Here’s a video I produced from aerial recordings of launches from both days.

Still photos that Bracha and I took can be found in the photo album at:

You can find more photos from the launch on the NEFAR Facebook page.




Aerial Video of the April, 2015, NEFAR Launch

April 2015 NEFAR LaunchI was only able to attend the first day of NEFAR’s two-day “Half Blast”  on April 11.  With a forecast of showers, we kept looking for dark clouds.  But, the rain stayed away at least until we had to leave.

I flew my quad-copter to capture video from an aerial perspective  Here’s the video I put together of the first half of the Half Blast.