Photos from the October NEFAR Launch

I’ve uploaded photos I took at the October, 2012, NEFAR launch to the Photo Album.

I’m still recovering from a broken toe, so I didn’t bring anything to fly.  But, I enjoyed watching others launch their rockets.

Near the start of the launch, I changed a setting on my camera and forgot to change it back. So, many of the photos are grainy.

But, I did manage to capture some interesting shots including the above which shows a two-stage high-power rocket suffering a failure of the booster motor.

The second stage, unfortunately, ignited. It flew horizontally over us before plowing into the ground.

Pleae visit to see my entire collection of photos from the launch:

Prepare for Bunnell Blast

The Northeast Florida Association of Rocketry (NEFAR) will host its annual Bunnell Blast regional launch on November 10 and 11, 2012.  Bunnell Blast is a two-day sport and research launch for model rockets through high-power rockets.

The launch begins Saturday morning and runs into the early evening as rockets are launched at dusk.  Sunday’s launch eands in the early afternoon.

For more information about NEFAR visit the club’s web site at