NEFAR’s January 9, 2016, Launch

NEFAR Launch, 1/2016If you were to pick one word to describe NEFAR’s January, 2016, launch, the word would be “foggy.”

It was foggy in the morning and it remained foggy until the early afternoon.

NEFAR Launch, 1/2016

Because of the weather, we were mostly limited to low-power flights, but a few larger rockets were launched.

Above is a video I made at the launch. It captures the events from an aerial perspective. As you can see, there was very little wind. Often, the column of smoke from a flight would linger in place long after the launch.




ROCK’s First Launch of 2016

ROCK Launch - January 2016

ROCK Launch – January 2016

ROCK’s first launch of 2016 was held on January 2 at the Barr Street launch site.

Below is a short video I made of the day’s launches.