Web Sites

RocketReviews.com – RocketReviews.com features thousands of reviews of rocketry products.  Written by visitors to RocketReviews.com, the reviews cover everything from low-power model rocket kits to high-power rocket motors. The site allows you to record and share your rockets and the flights of the rockets in the site’s Flight Log.  You can document your rocketry projects in the site’s Builds section.  Rocketry resources at RocketReviews.com include a rocketry forum, a list of rocketry clubs, a calendar of rocketry events, and a large library of Rocksim design files. A number of rocketry tools and calculators are available to help you design, build, and fly your rockets. You’ll also find a number of fun things such as a huge library of rocketry videos and a collection of photo albums.

The Rocketry Forum – TRF is the most popular online rocketry forum. At TRF you can read and join discussions of almost every aspect of hobby rocketry.

National Association of Rocketry– NAR is one of the two major rocketry associations in the United States.

Team America Rocket Challenge – TARC is a national model rocket competition for U.S. high school and middle school students.

Civilian Space eXploration Team – The CSXT launched a hobby rocket to an altitude of 72 miles – officially reaching space.

Beginners Guide to Rocketry – NASA presents an introduction to rocketry – from stomp rockets to full-scale boosters – for kids and teachers of kids.

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