Video of NEFAR’s October, 2014, Launch

NEFAR's October LaunchI’ve uploaded a video of NEFAR’s October launch to YouTube. I flew a DJI PLantom 2 Vision quadcopter to capture the event from an aerial perspective.

The video below shows low- and high-power rocket launches as seen from above as the helicopter flew at up to 400 feet in altitude.

NEFAR’s October 2014 Launch Photographs

October 2014 NEFAR LaunchI’ve uploaded my still photos of the October, 2014, launch to the NEFAR Rocket Launch Gallery at

I’m still working on editing the videos from my quad-copter and will post them soon.


Maker Faire Orlando Photographs

Here’s a collection of photographs of our exhibit on rocketry that we presented at Maker Faire Orlando 2014.

ROCK’s September Launch Video

SAMSUNG CSCTurnout for ROCK’s September launch was low, but everyone had a terrific time. It was hot, but the light wind kept the rockets landing in the field.

The video below was taken using a DJI Phantom 2 Vision helicopter flying above the launch site.

Rockets Gone Wild

Sugar Motor Drag RaceSometimes things go wrong. Sometimes things go really wrong. Really.

The video below is a collection is a “blooper reel” of highlights from local Central Florida rocket club launches.

Because of our safety codes, none of these events resulted in any injury to people (other than egos) or property (other than a few rockets).

Quadcopter Video of the August, 2014, NEFAR Launch

August 2014 NEFAR LaunchThe video below is from the August, 9, 2014, NEFAR rocket launch. Taken with a quadcopter, the video captures the model rocket and high-power rocket launches from the air. Look for the model rocket producing a smoke ring when its ejection charge fires about half-way into the video.


US Army PEO STRI High School Summer Engineering Internship Launch

On July 14,high school students participating in PEO STRI’s Summer Engineering Internship program built and launched model rockets. ROCK members Roger Smith, Bracha Smith, Chris Michielssen, and David Ribakoff set up ROCK’s launch equipment and helped the kids prepare and launch their rockets.

Summer Engineering Interns Group PhotoThe students flew Estes Alphas on A8-3 motors.

Setting Up Alpha for LaunchHere’s a short video of the launches taken with a radio-controlled quadcopter.

You can see more photographs of the launch and read more about it in Chris Michielssen’s Model Rocket Building Blog.


ROCK’S July 5, 2014, Launch Celebrates Five Years

It’birthday-cake-mds been five years since Roger and Bracha Smith took over the reigns of the online model rocketry retailer, To thank all of their customers for supporting the business, is holding a sale event which runs through July 8.

Almost everything at is on sale with savings of up to 50% off the store’s regular low prices.  As always, orders of $48 or more to US addresses ship for free while Florida residents can get free shipping on orders of $20 or more by entering the discount code FLORIDA at checkout.

June, 2014, NEFAR Launch Video

Thunderstorms threatened, but stayed to the east.  So, only a few sprinkles of rain interrupted the June, 2014, NEFAR rocket launch.

The threat of storms kept some fliers at home, so there weren’t as many large rockets launch as usual. But, we had a number of Civil Air Patrol cadets there flying smaller rockets. At times the wind was gusty, but sometimes it was so still that the exhaust from a rocket’s launch would just hang there for a while.

I flew my DJI Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter about a half-dozen times to record the low- and high-power launches from above. Here’s a short video I put together: