Aerial Video of the April, 2015, NEFAR Launch

April 2015 NEFAR LaunchI was only able to attend the first day of NEFAR’s two-day “Half Blast”  on April 11.  With a forecast of showers, we kept looking for dark clouds.  But, the rain stayed away at least until we had to leave.

I flew my quad-copter to capture video from an aerial perspective  Here’s the video I put together of the first half of the Half Blast.

ROCK’s December Launch Photos and Video

December, 2014, ROCK LaunchROCK held its last launch of 2014 on December 6.  The light winds and moderate temperature made for a great day to fly. The countdown reached zero and a rocket soared skyward more than eighty times during the day.

I’ve uploaded the photos Bracha and I took of the launch to a Photo Album at  Below is a video I created using some of the photos and footage captured from my quadcopter.

Video of NEFAR’s October, 2014, Launch

NEFAR's October LaunchI’ve uploaded a video of NEFAR’s October launch to YouTube. I flew a DJI PLantom 2 Vision quadcopter to capture the event from an aerial perspective.

The video below shows low- and high-power rocket launches as seen from above as the helicopter flew at up to 400 feet in altitude.

US Army PEO STRI High School Summer Engineering Internship Launch

On July 14,high school students participating in PEO STRI’s Summer Engineering Internship program built and launched model rockets. ROCK members Roger Smith, Bracha Smith, Chris Michielssen, and David Ribakoff set up ROCK’s launch equipment and helped the kids prepare and launch their rockets.

Summer Engineering Interns Group PhotoThe students flew Estes Alphas on A8-3 motors.

Setting Up Alpha for LaunchHere’s a short video of the launches taken with a radio-controlled quadcopter.

You can see more photographs of the launch and read more about it in Chris Michielssen’s Model Rocket Building Blog.


ROCK’S July 5, 2014, Launch

June, 2014, NEFAR Launch Video

Thunderstorms threatened, but stayed to the east.  So, only a few sprinkles of rain interrupted the June, 2014, NEFAR rocket launch.

The threat of storms kept some fliers at home, so there weren’t as many large rockets launch as usual. But, we had a number of Civil Air Patrol cadets there flying smaller rockets. At times the wind was gusty, but sometimes it was so still that the exhaust from a rocket’s launch would just hang there for a while.

I flew my DJI Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter about a half-dozen times to record the low- and high-power launches from above. Here’s a short video I put together:

Quadcopter Video of the April NEFAR Launch


NEFAR’s Last Launch of 2013

On Saturday, NEFAR held their last launch of the year. With overcast skies and a brisk wind, turn-out was low.  But, a few diehards launched rockets large and small.

Here’s a video I produced of the launch using a Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter.

Video and Photos of the December 2013 ROCK Launch

I’ve uploaded photographs from the December, 2013, ROCK launch to

December 2013 ROCK Launch Photos

I was having a problem with my left eye and found it difficult to take still photographs, so I let Bracha use the DSLR.

In the mean time, I took stills and video with a DJI Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter.  I used the video from the helicopter to produce the following video.

December 2013 ROCK Launch

Bigger Big Daddy Akavish Video

Here’s a video about the Bigger Big Daddy Akavish which we, Bracha and Roger, launched at during NEFAR’s Bunnell Blast in November.